Amazing Kids! Magazine


By Sarina Patel, Age 10, Florida


Instead of jasmine incense I smell orange peels.
Thick, heavy, sour.
But most importantly, bittersweet.
This is what my life feels like right now.
As the orange peels are stuffed onto the incense stick,
I feel exactly like the helpless orange.
Bursting with incredibly envious thoughts,
Loud and sour enough to make anyone pucker.
I too, feel thick, heavy, and sour.
I also feel bitter, tangy, and zesty.
My vivacious tongue can’t help,
But instead rolls my thoughts,
Out of my mouth,
Into the thin air.
I smell a faint trace of jasmine, I optimistically think.
Then I understand.
Life can be rocky, harsh, even bitter,
But there’s always a sweet side.