Amazing Kids! Magazine

Black Is

By Ashley Miller, age 10


Black is the cruelest of cold that sends an excruciating pain indescribable.
Black is the loss of a life that makes loneliness.
Black is a starless night, not a light to be seen.
Black is the spirit of animals—ferocious, that’s all.
Black makes the other colors shine; without it, the other colors would not be special.
Black is a never-ending tunnel, so long, so dark, so lonely.
Black is a timid color, always so hard to find.
Deep in the forest is where you will find black growling like a fox.
You cannot see your hand; you cannot see the light; black is there.
Black is deteriorating hope, despair; your wishes are gone.
Black is the wind; a starless night; calming, soothing black.
Black is the rain that makes you think.
Black lurks at the end of a sunset; not a mouse will stir; not a light will shine bright.