Amazing Kids! Magazine


By Ashlyn Bostic, age 17, Colorado


The sweet smell of warm cinnamon and sugar fills her nostrils.
The corner of her mouth lifts at the aroma.
She reaches for the blinds, letting the rays of
Light seep in through the glass,
Reaching her eyes and forcing her to squint.
Lazily, she hoists herself out of bed
And places her feet on the cool, crisp floor,
Sending a shiver through her body.
Placing one foot in front of the other,
She follows the smell that pleasantly fills all of her senses.
It sits in front of her, two feet away.
It takes everything in her to refrain from devouring it right then.
She reaches for the fork,
Slices, lifts, eyes closed.
She closes her mouth around the perfection,
And everything in her immediately melts with satisfaction.
Oh, how she loves cinnamon rolls.