Amazing Kids! Magazine


By Sarina Patel, Contributing Writer


Whirling and thrashing around, buffeted by the refreshing wind,
The minuscule seed spins around wildly,
Plummeting into the rich brown soil as the hard impact snatches the comforting wind away.
Dirt splatters into the eyes of the seed,
Which are interested yet understated, sightless yet seeing everything for what it truly is.
Packed away into a lump of hopeless soil,
So void of any nourishment or earthly compassion.
Then all of a sudden, the seed feels a spark of defiance.
Fighting its way to the top,
Empowered and strengthened as it’s rejuvenated by the relieving cry of the queer wind.
A curvy green shoot curves upward,
Revealing lustrous petals so affectionately dappled by the luminous golden light.
The gentle whisper of the wind seems to say, “Don’t worry, little seed. I’ll take care of you.”
Proudly, the blazing sunlight gleams,
Far too boisterous and ambitious to admit its secretive donation of such loving parenting,
Delivered in an entirely different form of mollycoddling.
One morning, when the yellow grasslands have awakened to straighten their spiny posture,
A stoic figure arches it’s back and with a yowl of the trumpeting, delighted wind, blossoms.
One by one, the glorious petals in a dark pinkish-purple gleam, their glossy colors glinting.
Dew sparkles and slides off the healthy flower as the bedraggled early morning sun yawns,
Its rays flickering as the swirling clouds churn, circling the sun almost menacingly.
“It is a new day,” murmured the newly-blossomed flower to herself, thrilled and stunned.
To the sun and the wind, fond onlookers with swelling hearts and prideful faces,
She called out to the sky in a gentle and confident voice,
“I am ready to begin my new and exciting life as a full flower.”