Amazing Kids! Magazine

Broken Bird

By Annie Chen, Age 12, Canada


Verse 1:

A bird got shot in the sky
So it could barely fly.
An old man took it to Rome,
Taking it back to its home.
He nursed and nursed,
It got even worst!
Though the bird became stressed and restless,
The old man’s heart was never hopeless.

Verse 2:

One day the old man heard the bird sing,
Like spirits of bells ring.
So he never set the bird aside.
It was like a companion right beside.
Soon, the bird began to hop and fly.
Now, the old man filled a deep worry and sigh.
He decided to let the bird choose,
So he set the bird loose.


Did the bird stay?
Oh, it did not!
It waved goodbye,
Leaving the old man to cry.
Now it was free,
There wasn’t a place it would rather be.