Amazing Kids! Magazine

Calendar Girl

By Dominique Szymkiewicz, Age 15, Florida


On Monday’s,
I’ll be a ballerina
dancing away stage fear.

On Tuesday’s,
I’ll be a student,
because Monday’s are far too rough for that.

On Wednesday’s,
I’ll be the serviceman
giving away my time to all other needs.

On Thursday’s,
I’ll be the mathematician
staring at the problem till something comes to mind.

On Friday’s,
I’ll be the girl
looking out the window, waiting for her ride.

On Saturday’s
I’ll be the famous teen,
dead asleep in her bed.

On Sunday’s,
I’ll be the catholic
that asks for forgiveness for her lack of spending time with those that matter.

But forever,
I’ll be me
living the life I ought to.

But soon,
I wish I could be
the liver of my dreams.