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By Manasvini Suresh, age 12, India

Change is constant, like a river that flows,

Profiting each land through which it goes,

But its final destination only she knows,

To become one with the sea and wash over sandy shores.


Change is busy, like a bumbling bee,

No time to check whether the flower is pretty,

Just does its job and leaves,

So that we can enjoy the sweet honey!


Change is beautiful, like springtime,

When birds chirp like wind chimes,

And the flowers bloom all the time,

Just so that we can smile.


Change is loving, like a mother,

Trying to keep up our laughter,

Always working harder and harder,

So that later on we don’t suffer.


Change is bitter, like medicine,

We don’t want to have some,

But in the end it makes us gleesome,

And that is the reason


Why we should appreciate change as we would,

A river, or even a tiny bee,

Springtime, that makes us so happy,

A mother who makes us see,

That change is only for the good, not for the bad,

So don’t be sad!

Accept life and its difficulties because, you see,

Who knows, maybe change will surprise you and me!

One comment

  1. Prateesha Suresh /

    A beautiful poem,so positive! The world through the eyes of a little girl is like a whiff of fresh air. Keep writing. Makes me feel so good! I will be waiting……