Amazing Kids! Magazine

Childhood Memories

By Chloe Barnes, age 16, Missouri


A curly, black bush on top of my head
I was a curious one
With my small palms, I marked the ground with my presence
Just happy to be out along with Mother Nature
My bubbly friend above me, coating my light skin with warmth
At the age of 2 years old, I wasn’t sure about a lot of things
What was that noise?
Why did the sky have to be the color blue?
Why couldn’t it be purple?
But I guess my main issue was edibility
That was tossed right out the window of my brain when something caught my eye
A long, slimy thing
Seeming to be rushing to the other side of the lawn
Maybe he was late for dinner?
But the little friend living in my head had other plans on his list
My wrinkly hand wrapping it’s fingers around the creature
Wiggling desperately
And yet, my little friend didn’t care
As I found myself moving my hand towards my tiny mouth
Determined to please the hunger that had now festered its way into my belly