Amazing Kids! Magazine


By Janhavi Govande, Age 11, Texas


As Mouse was making a hula hoop,
Squirrel was in the kitchen, playing with goop.
Mouse says to Squirrel, “Let’s go to Chile!”
So they get on a plane to go to Chile,
And make friends with the pig, who is named Tillie.
Tillie leads them to a beach,
Where they find a seashell, and a peach.
Mouse and Squirrel go to surf,
When they meet a dolphin called Burf.
Mouse and Squirrel ride on Burf’s back,
And Squirrel finds an old thumb tack.
Then it’s time to go home again,
So Mouse and Squirrel say “Bye!” to their friends.
Squirrel and Mouse dressed neatly
The plane took them back to Italy.