Amazing Kids! Magazine


By Janhavi Govande, Age 11, Texas


Squirrel puts on a Chinese gown,
Mouse doesn’t see her, and makes a frown.
“Mouse,” says Squirrel, “We’re going to a Chinese town”.
They got on an Airbus 772,
They can’t believe it is Shanghai, but it is true!
Mouse and Squirrel get off the plane in a second or two.
They have plenty of work and things to do.
Mouse and Squirrel learn Chinese,
They also get bruised elbows and scraped knees.
They meet a turtle in Shanghai zoo,
The turtle, who is 95, is named Peek-a-boo!
Mouse and Squirrel go to the Turtle’s place,
Squirrel gets a new gown, full of lace.
Turtle and Mouse make seaweed soup,
They play cards and hula hoop.
Then Turtle leads Mouse to a room
And Mouse sweeps it with a broom.
Mouse and Squirrel leave Turtle’s house, and ride a helicopter home –
Denver, Colorado, or Rome?
Squirrel looks at sea foam,
While Mouse reads a tome.
The plane however is landing in Rome…