Amazing Kids! Magazine

City at Midnight

By Anik Bhaduri, age 16, India


Silent stands the city now.
The streets are empty: There is no noise,
For it is the dead of the night,
And the city has changed its poise.

In some lonely street, a sergeant
Patrols with sleepy eyes.
In some little, dark bedroom,
A mother is singing lullabies.

The silence of the night is sometimes broken
By the hoot of an owl.
In some forlorn alley corner,
Some dogs occasionally howl.

In the hospital, a busy doctor works,
Performing his duty.
Some budding poet gazes at the moon,
Admiring its beauty.

A student with an ardent zeal
Burns the midnight oil,
Hoping that his results will reflect
His hard work and toil.

Suddenly shattering the calm ambience,
Shattering the serenity,
An ambulance speeds past
The streets through the sleeping city.

The bridge is empty, and below it,
Silvery ripples in the moonlight dance.
A drunkard stares at the river,
Walking as if in a trance.

Busy men in the printing press
Are working to print the next day’s news;
They are too busy to sleep,
Even to talk or to share their views.

Most of the city is fast asleep
While those who are awake yawn:
The calmness of the city persists
Till the breaking of the dawn.