Amazing Kids! Magazine


By Aiza Iqbal, age 13, Saudi Arabia


Scattered and wispy clouds in the sky;
Birds are soaring by.
The wind is riding on their steeds;
To a pleasant weather this leads.
Cool breeze, the clouds sometimes blow,
Or pour the rain below.
Clouds are so puffy and white,
Become invisible to us at night.
Some clouds move, but some remain still;
It doesn’t depend on their will.
They sometimes thunder aloud
And make scary sounds.
Seem to us as cotton hung in the sky,
Giving everyone everlasting joy,
Flying and dancing in different shapes,
They are the beauty of a landscape.
Clouds are tickled by mighty trees,
Which sway in their frigid breeze;
They always emerge with beauty in the sky.
At crystal clear night, it’s hard to say good-bye.