Amazing Kids! Magazine


By Joey Gray, age 13, Maryland


No going back—
Every move matters.
Like a dungeon of puzzles,
Multiple tasks must be mastered.

The thirst for success,
The sense of achievement,
The wind through the air
Spread focus and determination.

Distractions lay their traps,
But most don’t get caught;
Only the best can form their force field of concentration
To withstand the heat.

Sweat spreads like weeds;
Blood pumps like pistons,
The chaos of the environment surrounding
The silent, swift competitors with the same destiny.



  1. Barry Mennen /

    Wow. Wow. “Like a dungeon of puzzles”
    Incredible imagery. Keep thinking.

  2. Grandma Klimas /

    Joey – Wow! That mind of yours is like a whirlwind of thoughts and ideas and you express them as if you have been writing for decades.
    Congratulations. I hope you don’t mind…I’m forwarding your poem to all my friends. Write more, please.
    Love, Gram

    • Brendan Cunningham /

      We are friends of your Gram and want you to know.
      You certainly don’t write like a 15 year old, there is a part of you that is an “Old Soul” and your talent is timeless.
      Keep up your prose and never settle for the ordinary, you will make a difference in the world.
      Good Luck
      Brendan & Ellie Cunningham