Amazing Kids! Magazine

Cookie Thief

By Jeremiah Horbelt, age 11, California


In the night as the stars shone brightly, silent as a mouse,
A thief crept down the stairs of the house.

But this was not a money thief, bunny thief, or a funny thief. It
Was a cookie thief!

But this is not just some rookie cookie thief, and no, before you
Ask, he is not made of beef.

He is hyper as a viper because cookies are his energy spikers.
But before he strikes, he makes sure the time is right.

Before he could craftily nab the cookies, he heard the dog cage
Creak. But he didn’t think to take a peek.

It was only a matter of time before the dog would speak, and
This dog’s bark is the opposite of meek.

Then he opened the plastic packaging, which resulted in
CRRKETTKRRKK! To his relief everyone was still asleep.

The cookie thief took two cookies, then closed it, but it resulted
In a commotion. His silent exit was just broken.

The hound made a sound, resulting in a frown, which caused
Him to bound with his newfound round, delicious cookies.

His frown turned upside down because of the sound of the
Munch and the crunch of his tasty cookie bunch.