Amazing Kids! Magazine

Dance of the Seasons

By Victoria Krylova, Age 13, Tennessee


Crusted in ice, winter roars
Waters freeze
As cold as our hearts
Flowers run away
From the wintry grey
Echoes of cold and pain
Lost in the cruel wind
Snow takes its roll
The stars light up
In the hazy white
Circling the winter hush

Spring rings its bell
Waking warmth
In a bird’s bright song
Wonders hidden
As flowers break the stellar ground
Red, blue, purple, yellow
Each petal popping

Summer springs
And clocks chime
Announcing the summertime
Bringing all that nature has
The sun so bright, the grass so green
The trees so tall
Butterflies floating
Waterfalls winding down
The morning’s soft air

Fall arrives, trees blush
And leaves whisper their sound
As emeralds in the bath of the dusk
Flying on ethereal wings
Signing their past
Lurking through the autumn
Fade, lost in darkness
Bitten by frost

The moon flies up
On invisible wings
Bringing back the sky’s violet and black shades
Coiling around the earth
In a constant song
Through death and birth
As the seasons dance on
And on