Amazing Kids! Magazine

Domino Effect

By Sophie Nadel, age 15, New York


The hallway twists; the hallway curves
Around the corner young Charlie swerves

Clutching his stomach that’s been hurting all day
Wishing and praying the huge pain away

But his breakfast still leaves him and goes north, not south
Consequently, the meal hurls out of his mouth

Splashed on the floor like a spilled coffee cup
It certainly was better going down rather than up

Sort of like liquid soup on the floor
Mixed with eggs, deformed fruit, and some more

It’s a glowing mucous with a tint of green
Still looking sick, Charlie absconds from the scene

Five minutes later, the bell’s ringing and screaming
Students pour out; the hallway is teeming

But the happiness here is beginning to sag
As children wrinkle their noses and gag

Tiffany Tressle lets out a screech
As she falls short just a foot from its reach

The right hand is used to grab her best friend
She releases her books, and they fall to their ends

Landing in the puddle with a deafening splat
Forcing the gunk to fly this way and that

She uses her left to pull Abigail near
Clutching her friend that is so very dear

But skinny as she is, Abby starts to tilt
As Tiff looks on, laced with fear and guilt

Abigail Lease falls into the goo
Splashing the crowd—and Tiffany, too

A noise from the mass—a collective “yuck”
As Abby emerges, covered in muck

The creature moves, sends forth a mucous flood
The boogey monster in true flesh and blood

Tiffany’s eyes widen at her friend’s sloppy grace
As it opens its arms to give a gooey embrace

Finally realizing what’s going on
Tiff takes off, and soon she is gone

Abigail screams and shakes in her putty
She runs off after her former buddy

Now Miss Meryl Frender was staying after in science
Having questions with the lesson, she needed some guidance

Ms. Gren couldn’t answer, so she asked Google instead
And added this knowledge to her ever-growing head

She flies from the room like today’s lesson: a comet
She stops suddenly just an inch from the vomit

Meryl’s a sympathetic puker, a detail I may have missed
And we watch as she balls a hand into a fist

She closes her eyes, and through her nose she inhales
However, her calming exercise fails

And she’s a fountain spouting a flow
Of chunky egg salad that seems to glow

And we see that Meryl had a breakfast of toast
A breakfast that’s larger and healthier than most

And in fear that her condition would only get worse
Meryl ran to her teacher for a pass to the nurse

Leaving behind her newly made goo
The soup at our feet has the consistency of stew

The janitor, Trincet, discovers this slop
And he marches upstairs with a bucket and mop

Like all of the rest, he stops short just a bit
There are two ways to do this—but he chooses to quit

And marches down the stairs with no small fuss
To find someone else to throw under the bus

A man named Gorpfet walks up the stairs, muttering curses at luck
And pulls out his mop when he finds the mountain of muck

He cleans up the puke till the floor’s shiny and neat
Proud to accomplish this enormous feat

With a last naughty word, he turns to the stairs
He has done his duty; he has no more cares

School can return to a regular day
Now that this learning hazard is out of the way