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Epistemophilia: My Cynosure

By Zachary Royce Wood, Age 17, Maryland


The efflorescence of words, logophilia, la belleza, philocaly
Mellifluous and summery, the susurrus of Susquehanna
Bibliophilic, bucolic, lying in a bungalow, halcyon with the sea
Books—Lagniappe, my oasis of serenity—

Pastiche, Philokalia, a chronicle of the Greek, theosis and theoria, the pyrrhic of which they speak

Theology and theodicy, elixir, etymology, deontological philosophy;
Plato the Philomath, Aristotle, ambrosial; digest, a hearty snack; save tomes for dinner

Dulcet, like candy; I learn from the best, philology and philhellene, the Genus Ilex
In the labyrinth of life, I live and love the ammophilous treasures buried in the sands of time.

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  1. Susan Augusta /

    I love this poem! Tons of words I don’t understand, but it’s just fascinating. Wow