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Epitome of Love – Never Renounce Her

By Geetika Ahuja, age 16, New Delhi, India


Unconditional love is bestowed on us by our mother,

She takes care of us like no other.

Always ready to lend a helping hand,

She solves our conflicts in a jiffy by raising her magic wand.

Surely she is God in disguise,

She strives to make us benevolent and wise.

She showers on us tender love and care,

She can go hungry and give us her share.

She is the one, who will stand by you through thick and thin,

She will motivate you to never let adversities win.

For nine months she carries you in her womb,

The pain she endures for you makes her strong.

Valuable years of her life she spends in protecting you,

She nurtures a seed to grow into a fragrant flower like you.

Of selfless love, mother is an epitome,

Call her anything – Ma, Mom or Mummy.