Amazing Kids! Magazine


By Kaile Applebaum, grade 12, California


We call him “Faj”
Because it’s less generic than “Dad”
And less formal than “Father”
Because in no way is Faj generic or formal
He is a doctor but a plastic surgeon
So he has a sense of humor

He smells of a sterile office
Which is a combination of alcohol and bleach
Mixed with the smoky scotch he likes to have a glass of when he gets home
He most often comes home in a navy blue suit
Because that’s his favorite one
But sometimes he comes home in scrubs
Also navy blue
And a surgical cap with different types of dogs printed on it

He calls at 6:00 every day to say he is leaving the office
Even though we know not to expect him for at least another hour
The faint sound of keys jingling at the door indicates his arrival
However, he never uses them to actually open the door
He greets us each day with the same wide smile and tired eyes
Because that’s just Faj