Amazing Kids! Magazine

Femininity Redefined

By Tarini Gandhiok, age 16, India


Each step is down a fashion runway:
Bouncing off our danglers, the hues of light dance wild.
Each stare cuts through the soul; each glance is a survey.
Still, the Shakira inside us ceases to turn mild.

We can salsa our way through any hardship
Or hum it away with the melody of the guitar.
No wonder we’re labeled the “better half of a relationship”:
In pitch-black darkness, we’re the shining star.

Nail art is our idea of art on canvas.
Classical is mainstream; we’d rather be at a rock show.
Ruffle our feathers; the reaction will be adverse.
Don’t blame us, though; it takes two to tango.

From the doe-eyed girl who’s the darling of parents
To the one swirled in dirt out in the cricket field
Or even the ones who are supposedly indifferent,
We all have magic—just wait till it’s wielded.

What separates us are not our skirts and their jeans;
Rather, we belong to a different school of thought.
We’ll mold our future, directing every scene,
For in sisterhood, there is no battle alone fought.