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Fighting Against Silence: A Holocaust poem

By Jayme Rodriguez

Threats slither between the cobblestones,

Silencing our desperate moans.

Indestructible metal, chains us to silence,

All enforced by the unavoidable violence.

Right and wrong indistinguishable,

All to make protest completely unreasonable.

Slowly, each note of protest is snuffed out.

Hope has taken the unseen route.

Guns and camps hide behind every corner.

Killing every crying mourner.

Inflicting your disease of silence,

Claiming it’s pure science.

Babies are born with their mouths sewn shut,

And their ears clogged with lies black like soot.

But hidden so very deep,

Where people dare to make a peep.

Music plays,

Full of passion as bright as sun rays.

We will climb every building and wall,

Unleashing our last desperate call.

For people to admit what they’ve done wrong,

And help us sing our freedom song.

You hide behind your vicious guns,

But they are no match to us burning suns.

And perhaps you may think,

That your bullets are hiding your weak link,

But without our cooperation,

Then down will fall you corrupt nation.

The dark times are obliterated,

And the forsaken have been liberated.

Our voices will not be weak,

Upon the streets they will leak.

The sun is rising.

And now it’s you the sun is sizing.

We will not sit down.

We won’t let our voices drown.

We will rise higher

Despite you, evil liar.

The time of fear is ending.

The letters of surrender are sending.

And while you may be violent,

We will not be silent.