Amazing Kids! Magazine

Free Body

By Daniel Hitz, 9, Washington


My eyes
Do not lie beneath the ground.
My heart is not in chains.
My mind fights for its own will
And wins.
My imagination creates in a free, blank world.
My spirit dances on distant hills.
My body jumps in a free wind.
Together, these tools are amazing.
With them you
(I mean you)
Can do anything!


  1. Elizabeth Cruz /

    This poem has amazing imagery Daniel.

  2. Pt. Defiance 4th grade SAIL class /

    Amazing poem!!!!! We are glad that Daniel is in our class.

  3. Leimoni Casanova /

    Yes, we can do anything! I love your word tools (poem).

  4. Joan Klostreich /

    What a powerful work of poetry! Very well written and full of amazing word choices.

  5. Sam Hitz /

    Great poem Daniel!