Amazing Kids! Magazine

Friends for Keeps

By Kendra Leigh Dolina Osias, age 10, Philippines


From the moment we met
I knew outright in my heart
That you will be the best friends I’ll get
Who will make each day the best yet

As I see you every lunch
On our favorite bench
We talk and talk even while we munch
This makes us one crazy bunch

Music is our common denominator
We sing songs in harmony together
Pretending to sound like professional singers
While fantasizing as Broadway performers

If one of us is sad
The others will make her glad
If one is in need
Each of us does a good deed

This is what we do most every day
Truly I can say that none of us will stray
And that all of us will stay
In this bond we share today

Our friendship will keep us in touch forever
Even if in the future we’ll be far from each other
The memories we make today together
Will be our guiding force back to each other