Amazing Kids! Magazine

Greed and Foolishness

By Olivia Weintraub, Age 11, New Jersey


Once there was an old man,
who was wealthy beyond your dreams.
Then the town went into poverty,
and things were worse than they seemed.

The man was worried,
that soon he too would lose money.
So when people came to ask for help,
the man laughed and said, “you’re so funny.”

He never helped the others,
never helped those who became poor.
When they came for cash,
he never bothered to even open the door.

The man used his cash,
all to buy a store.
He hoped he would get more money,
so he wouldn’t become poor.

But no one had money,
so no one bought.
And the cost for the store
made him lose more than he thought.

By the time the people gain back their wealth,
the man lost his and soon became poor.
And when he asked for money,
no one even answered their door.