Amazing Kids! Magazine


By Katie Zhang


空穴来风 未必无因
Chinese Proverb

Don’t you know? A mother’s actions
echo love the way a cave echoes the cries
of lost travellers. My daughter,
even happiness is temporary. Don’t you know?
There are people who are privileged enough
to want everything and need nothing. There are people who carry wishes
across continents, realities
in their eyes. But only a parent can sacrifice
everything to protect an unformed potential.
Stupid girl. You can lose yourself in fantasies but you can never forget life
the way devils forget emotion.
When they ask you
who you want to be, tell them your dream
was born from the desires
of a Chinese immigrant. That you were not raised—
but guided, headfirst— into the jaws of the world. My daughter, tell them
the mind is a sculpture that molds by life.