Amazing Kids! Magazine

Hot Chocolate

By Merlot Tunnell, age 13, California


Every winter, every spring, every fall, snowfall
The forest trees perch in the snow like a winter wonderland
All slopes visible from any window
Every single one drowned in snow
Impregnated with smiling faces
The crisp, ripe air waiting to be inhaled
Icy snow dislodges skiers
Temperatures below zero freeze fainted fingers
A welcoming restaurant rests on the head of the mountain
Inside park many boiling hot chocolates waiting to be seized
People snatch them like they’ve never seen food before
Some wait for 25 minutes just trying to get one
Finally, the people get what they’ve been lingering for
Every time not one sip is consumed
The cocoa is not for thirst
The cocoa is not for caffeine
The cocoa is not for hunger
The cocoa is for warmth
The feeling of a warm paper cup sticking to your fingertips
The feeling warms not just your hands but your whole body
The feeling is irreplaceable
The feeling only comes with that hot chocolate