Amazing Kids! Magazine


By Gabi Kamran, Age 16, California


I sit
nestled into the smooth curves of the hourglass
my toes buried in the gold beige sands
that tug so slightly that I often forget
I’m sliding down the glinting glass walls

If I look behind me
I can see pillars of carved mahogany
Dust gathered in the crafted creases
The thick prism of glass giving the wood a ghostly sheen
Sometimes a cage sometimes a buttress hovering so far from my back

Often I find my eyes cast down
Studying the empty space on the lower half
The grains plummeting in a free fall toward the heap of time
Sometimes I long for the relief of stillness, no constant slip
Only a blanket of sand tucking me in for the night

But sometimes my hands press hard against the walls to hold me up
Knowing that one day they will claw furiously at the glass
Longing to pull me back up to the empty half
Where I never had to worry about stillness
Or a blanket trapping me in bed at night