Amazing Kids! Magazine

How You Woke Up

By Sarah Panameno, 15, California


The sun has a sound. It’s a pulse and a vibration that shakes everything. Over grassy, green hills and smart points of skyscrapers; the sun touches it all. The fiery ball in the sky begins as a small crescent sneaking over your window sill with its many fingers. The streaks of golden light reach past your blinds and curtains to connect to your resting skin. You feel a slight tingle from the sound of the sun. Your body doesn’t want to wake up; you were up late last night. After the sun is no longer just a sliver on the horizon but a sphere of warmth in the pure blue sky, your body can no longer take the suspense. Your eyes don’t jet open immediately, but they flutter open like a pair of wings preparing to fly. The sun woke you up.