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I’m Glad That You Exist

by Meara Hove, age 16, Minnesota

I could try to put to words the love I have for you…
The memories of two bound lives, but it simply wouldn’t do.
You hold my hand, and I hold yours, and never be apart.
We’ve so much more than friendship now, we’re family at heart.
So I simply tell you this…
I’m glad that you exist.
You held me up when I had sunk, and dried my mournful tears.
You shoved away those piteous thoughts, helped me fight my fears.
I receive your words with gratitude when you should need a friend.
I’ve not the verse to tell you now, but I’m with you to the end.
And with that I will say…
I’m happy you’re here today.
We laugh and make the perfect song with perfect harmony.
You taught me how to shout for joy, and showed me I am free.
All our stupid inside jokes, the fun we didn’t intend,
Starting out as something lame, but somehow never ends.
Every day you smile,
Makes my life worthwhile.
My mind can be a horrid mess when left to run itself.
I question, wonder, rave about, and second-guess myself.
You’ve understood my jibberish, my grunts and mumbles and snorts.
You’ve brought me precious clarity, and I couldn’t ask for more.
So painful it may be,
I’m glad you’re stuck with me.
I don’t mean to be cliché when I dedicate this poem
To all of those who changed my life; the greatest folks I’ve known.
This may be unoriginal but I simply did my best.
The meter might be slightly off, and rhyming put to rest,
So I’ll just tell you this…
I’m glad that you exist.

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  1. Olivia Massey /

    Oh, wow. That is simply amazing. A true poet is in our midst!