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I Am a Wizard

By Sehen Gamhewa, Age 9, Kuwait


I am a wizard, I can perform many feats.
Choose a row and sit in your seats.
I can make you disappear or a butterfly appear.
I can make wine into ginger beer.

I can make you dance around a lion without any fear
Or a beautiful deer, the color of beer.
I can read your minds
Or even mend your joints.

You’ll never need to walk very far
Because I’ll make you a car.
I can make you lift an elephant with a finger
Or make a lion a popular singer.

I can make an ant grow large as a giant
Or make a detective into a client.
I can make chocolate into snowflakes
Or stones into cornflakes.

I can perform a marvelous feat
And make people sweat and tweet.
I love being a wizard.
The best to be is a wizard.

One comment

  1. MeowMeowMeowMeowMan /

    I like the ryming. It works well.