Amazing Kids! Magazine

I Love You Mum

By Ruth Kezia, age 15, Malaysia


As you stand at the doorway,
To welcome me back from school,
“What a tiring day! Ah!” I sigh,
But you’d say, “Child, that’s life. Cheer up!”

And your brown hazel eyes
With radiance and warmth in every glance,
Looking patiently into the problems of my life
Reminding me that at these times, my patience should be high

As your cherry-colored lips divide,
Words of wisdom cascade like water
From serene mountainsides.
It’s just with your life and care,
My life continues until today.

There is no velvet so soft as your lap,
There is no rose as sweet as your smile,
There is no path so flowery as imprinted with your footprints.
You are the sunshine of my day and the north star of my nights.