Amazing Kids! Magazine

I Want to Be Myself

By Kika Dhara-Garipuy, New York


Today a man, a woman,
and a child much younger than me
asked me who I wanted to be
I responded with – Is that really up to me?
They nodded their heads yes and walked away kicking dirt into their shoes.
I thought about it for the decade I spent walking home
The month I spent trying to catch a thought on the way
The years spent trying to get a pinch of an idea
By the time I got home I knew what I wanted to be…

I want to be a lemon tree
but not so sour that people make faces when they taste
my personality,

I want to be delicate,
But not too delicate I can’t go through punishment

I want to be yellow
While all the other greens surround me,
But not so yellow as green can’t blend with yellow to make a unique color

I want to be young
But not so young I can’t experience expressing myself with more than words

I want to be everything
But not so everything I can’t be too much of something

I want to be me. That’s all!