Amazing Kids! Magazine

Is My Dream

By Hannah, Age 11, San Francisco, CA

As I dip my toe into the sea water,
Shivers run down my back.
I long to reach into the water,
Answering all my deepest questions,
Bringing me to peace.
I wish to belong inside this beautiful world-
Be a part of nature itself.
To reach and climb a tree
and to touch the sky,
With the autumn leaves falling,
Feeling the beautiful maple leaves,
And reaching as high as a redwood,
Is my dream.
To feel the dirt,
To embrace it.
To hear the wind whispering in my ears
To whisper back.
To know all the secrets of nature,
Is my dream.
Running as light as a feather,
The colors of the Earth
Is what I see.
A Dandelion’s seeds being released,
landing gently on my hand
And consoling my deepest worries.
As the petals from a flower fall,
And the Monarch butterfly lifts its wings,
And explores the world,
One by one
My questions are being answered.