Amazing Kids! Magazine


By Janhavi Govande, Age 11, Texas


Mouse says, “Hi!”
Squirrel says, “Bye!”
Then they get on an airplane to fly,
While Mouse puts on his white bow tie.
When they land in Italy,
Mouse and Squirrel meet a Bee.
The Bee leads them to a tree,
Where she lives with her family.
The Bee makes a great big cake,
Which Mouse and Squirrel help to bake.
Then Squirrel bakes acorn cake,
She gives it to the Bee to take.
Mouse and Squirrel HAVE TO GO,
To the theater, to see a show.
The show is about two valiant steeds,
Who love to play with little glass beads.
Mouse and Squirrel say bye to Bee,
And leave her home, in the tree.
But the plane leaves too early to go,
Mouse and Squirrel are left behind,
And become Italianos.
They make new names, and Mouse’s Alfredo.
But Squirrel? Her name is Cappuccino.