Amazing Kids! Magazine


By Lillian Paul, age 12, Pennsylvania


A feeling that warms you from head to toe
So simple it could rise from eating cookie dough
Expressed with smiles and laughter
It sometimes ends with happily ever after

A feeling that transforms a barren landscape
Its luscious colors showering the earth like a magnificent cape
Seen all throughout this complicated world
As its amazingly intricate golden strands are whirled

A feeling that comes and goes
Something that everyone should experience, even your foes
Heard in the harmonious song that the world sings
Ways to rise above a dreaded sorrow it brings

A feeling that makes our world so appealing
Its sweet and smooth caramel touch so quickly healing
Touching the souls of all with a little bit of love
Soaring above the war like a sweet, miniscule dove

A feeling that is certainly no fake
Bright colors burst from one choice that you make
Even when it seems all the lights have gone out
You create a light so bright that everyone forgets to doubt

A feeling that everyone possesses
Its activation removes all of life’s alarming stresses
Your goal every day should be to say,
“I will bring joy for the world to share every day.”

One comment

  1. Ktabbarah /

    This is so beautiful….I wanted to
    Absorb every word slowly….each was so
    descriptive and full ofmeaning‼️ Congratulations and thanks for encouraging us all to share JOY!