Amazing Kids! Magazine

Karaoke Night

By Ava Hooper, age 13, Missouri


Water shoots up
Like geysers from the ground around me.
Maya and I stand
And wait in line for our turn at karaoke.

As if no time has passed at all,
We’re next.
I’m nervous to sing in front of so many people.
Allen Texas’ Purple Cow restaurant
Is packed.

Six pairs of eyes trained on us—
Ella, Ahna, Ellie, Michelle, Marc, and my mom
Smile and cheer us on.

The two of us take our spots behind the microphone
And begin to sing as loudly as possible,
Just as promised.
Maya and I know every word to this song.
As soon as we finish singing “Tonight, Tonight,”
We burst out laughing.

By the time we reach our parents,
Our stomachs ache from laughing so much.
“Race you to the middle water geyser!”
I yell to Maya.
Then we’re gone.
I love summer days
Spent with my best friend.