Amazing Kids! Magazine


By Alyssa Reynoso, Age 15, California


She walked around my house
Before I even could
She had long, gray fur that was hard to comb
And would scratch on our table made of wood

Every morning I’d hear her jump on my bed
She’d walk by my side where she stood
She’d wait for me to turn my head
And seemed to wake me before my alarm could

Although she could not hear
She gave me kisses when I’d speak
If she felt my presence near
She’d turn around to see

She would sit right by my pillow
And on those nights when I couldn’t sleep
I’d tell her anything that I would know
And all my secrets I knew she’d keep

I did not want to believe
That Kissy would grow old
And that one day she would leave me
To sleep all alone

When her day was due
And she was sent up above
It was the day my bed made for two
Unnaturally was made for one

The hardest thing to remember
Is the one thing that I miss
Sometimes I wish I could only feel one more
Of Kissy’s precious kiss.