Amazing Kids! Magazine

La Mama: The Matriarchs

By Robert Carlson, age 16, California


Their voices bring me warmth.
They are words of strength.
Always firm, but gentle.
The sound of “I love you”
And “Saludozo” when you are sick
Or “Mi Hijo” or “Roberto,”
An adoring “Mashallah” from my grandmother,
A plate of albondigas or lentils and rice,
A dish of chicken soup with celery leaves on the top:
They nourish me.
With them, I fear not.
With their lessons, I go on.

I owe them my life:

I see their ways.
Confident and graceful.
Always with a purpose.
Always caring for something else.
Tending to a bouquet of flowers or the lemon tree,
They never abandon their duties
No matter how tired they are.

The love of La Mama is always so strong;
It is constant and flowing even when days are long.
But when you look back, they are always there.
And I thank them for their love and, always, their care.