Amazing Kids! Magazine

Lake Julian

By Victoria Krylova, Nonfiction Editor


Tall trees swoop into the heavens
United at the top
Like a ring
An umbrella blocking out light
Encircling a lake within

The sun’s rays creep through the leaves and branches
Bounce off the clean waters, crispy and clear
Dance through the shadows
Swirling their intricate designs
Striking and vivid

Tiny ripples
Waltz and whistle across the rocks
A fish breaks the surface
Sticks out its nose, flutters its fins
Its beady eyes survey the stillness
It dives back, and ripples widen out

The air is salty
Humid and warm
A mix of smells whirl around me
Caressing me in their arms
The pure fragrance of pines
The flowery scent of leaves
And the barks of trees bathed clean by rain
The damp aroma
Windswept blend of water, fish, and trees

I look down upon the water once again
Its beautiful hues overlap in my eyes and melt together
Tranquil, serene
Its depths seem eternal
Inviting, kind

Lush leaves blow in the wind
In a constant song
Like waves in the ocean
A cardinal sings
Then silence
A special silence
That only nature has

But is there something more?
Could there be something more
To this lake?
Something in its history?
Something sneaking in its depth?
Something mysterious
About this place?
Is there really life to it?
Is there really meaning?

Something is hiding
Behind all the tranquility
Something that has tricked
All my senses
Something clever, something cruel
Something I will never know