Amazing Kids! Magazine

Lake Norris

By Emma Rogers, age 12, Ohio


Jumping in, feeling cool water surround you
Bright lights on a karaoke night with friends
Squirt gun fights followed by ghost stories
Peaceful naps listening to splashing water
Looking up at beautiful blue skies
Adventures to the rocky shores
Cold showers on fresh tan lines
Ice cream cones after swimming
Putting soaking bathing suits back on
Waving to people you don’t know because you’re in that mood
Night swims where you can’t see anything
Running into old friends
Blaring country music while wakeboarding
Small water droplets hitting your face while tubing
Sunglasses and hats that match your smile
Bare feet on hot pavement
Hula-hooping to your favorite songs
Clapping along to live bands
Paddle boat rides just to get candy
Drifting off to sleep watching still water
Getting ready for karaoke
Wearing the same outfit for three days
Going to bed at three and waking up at eleven


  1. Gretchen /

    Great poem!

    • Morgan S. /

      Emma, I love this poem. This explains everything at the lake. Congrats on making it on the website.