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By Alayna Cooper, age 12, Illinois


Eating lemons by the hour,
Hope they’re sweet and not too sour.
Picking them both day and night,
Gazing up at the starlight.
I hope it’s good, this lemonade.

Squeezing them into a glass,
Sugar comes ’round, let it pass.
The juice is dripping,
I’ll start sipping.
I hope it’s good, this lemonade.

Grab the sugar, stir it up,
Put it into one large cup.
It’s almost done,
We’ve almost won.
I hope it’s good, this lemonade.

Cool it off in Arctic lands,
Close to the fire, warm your hands.
Wait till the frost chills your drink,
Pick it up, give it a wink.
I hope it’s good, this lemonade.

Go back to the meadows where the sun shines strong,
And the sweet smell of lemons drifts along.
Where the clouds gather high,
And the hummingbirds cry.
I hope it’s good, this lemonade.

Bring your lemonade home tonight,
Let it soak in the moonlight.
Till it shines,
It’s quite divine.
I hope it’s good, this lemonade.

Time to add some special things,
The feather of a harpy as it sings.
The dragon’s flower, nice and sweet,
How ’bout let’s add a little treat?
Let’s add some happy memories,
Mixed with the honey of the bees.
A hint of stardust,
And I trust,
That this lemonade is almost done.

Come sit in the willow trees,
And sing along with the bees.
As the sun comes up and the moon goes down,
And the birds fly in circles, ’round and ’round.
That hint of lemonade in the breeze
That blows through the leaves of the willow trees.
I hope it’s good, this lemonade.

The cold of the glass cools your hands
As you look over the paradise lands.
You take a deep breath, then let it all out,
This is what it’s all about.
You raise the glass of lemonade,
Ready to drink in the calm of the shade.
I hope it’s good, this lemonade.

Your lips touch the rim,
There’s no feeling of grim,
Down deep inside,
Your throat hot and dried.
The cold waterfall of lemonade washes down all the pain,
And the happiness replaces the strain.
While your face forms a smile,
And all of the while,
You finish your cup of lemonade.

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  1. Alayna, you are such a great writer. Look forward to reading more of your efforts!!