Amazing Kids! Magazine

Life Goes On and On

By Ayat Shaukatullah, age 11, India


Once I heard a hooting sound
To my surprise what I found
Was a pigeon making a nest
In which he and his babies shall rest
He brought twigs and leaves
With which a nest he weaves
I saw him every day
Flying in, flying away
Watching him was really fun
It looked beautiful when done
Now I hear more hooting sounds
Mate at last the pigeon has found
Now eggs the mate will lay
And one day all the pigeons will fly away
Abandoned the nest will be
But maybe another day another pigeon coming I’ll see


  1. Anjum Zahoor /

    Its adorable. Lots of love, kisses and hugs for you ayat

  2. inam ur rehman khan /

    Wow! Wonderful poem