Amazing Kids! Magazine

Lonely the Rogue

By Sarina Patel, Jr. Assistant Editor and Co-Editor of Comic Hub


Lonely creeps through the walls.
She does not stay, only halts, like a slinking shadow.
I push her away, wondering why I let her reside here,
But I suppose for a rogue like her,
There is no better taste than blind, cold air.

I speak of my dear cat. I’ve raised her since she was young, and I haven’t
Taught her how to kiss me good-bye. And yes, I know.
Attachments are rooted, hard things to mow.
Affection is a pain she has never known, though.
She is only a cat—and a feline named Lonely, at that.
Silence has been her only sanctuary, the only dimpled smile in the dark.
Dismal and dank, a place where she sank to the very depths of her heart.

She has never known how to kiss me good-bye. I haven’t found the words.
She’s bent inwardly, like a shadow. And curly is her fur.
I would very much like to take her with me to the university. Alas,
I fear she’d like it there. Isolation likes nothing more
Than the perfume of a freshman’s despair.

My trinkets have been sealed in a cardboard box.
I have not taken my treasures, I fear. When I take my leave,
My dear cat’s eyes will follow my car past the neighborhood.
She is a smart cat—she will have understood.
She will have seen. She will then know.
Attachments are rooted, hard things to mow.

I still don’t want to teach her, though:
There are too many days left before I go.

She is free to roam wherever—thanks to me.
Like all treasures, she chases me in my dreams.
She is my treasure, destined for the house.
She is the cat, and I am the mouse.