Amazing Kids! Magazine

Lost Cause (Perfection)

by Meara Hove, age 16, Minnesota

What is this perfection? A coveted destination?

A dream, a goal, a trait? The source of this frustration?

Who can own this quality for which we strive so hard?

Him or her or someone else, but I cannot be starred.

I own my scars and bruises now, and I am not ashamed.

Yes, I am strong and steady now, and I can take the blame.

But what about your dignity? What about your pride?

Care you not of self-respect? A limp divides a flawless stride.

But I can dream to freedom’s end if I so very wish.

I sing off-key ‘til day is done, and burn an easy dish.

You reckless, wild, foolish one! Your cooking brings disgrace!

Keep your dreams, philosophies, I’ll not take your case!

My case is broken, my arms are free, and I can breathe once more.

I too once lived inside your box, but opened up the door.

I am my wings, battered but ever and always strong.

Come from your hole, oh dearest one, you’ve slaved for far too long.