Amazing Kids! Magazine


By Katherine Segposyan, age 10, North Carolina

I was lost and unloved,
I’d been pushed, hit, and shoved.
Thrown out of the car,
From home, I was far.
I was cold at night,
and shaking from fright.
I didn’t know what to do.
so I sat and waited for you.
I thought you would come back,
and as I waited, the night turned black.
And suddenly, while I sat, I finally knew…
I’d been abandoned by you.

Now that I have a home.
I feel like my life has flown.
But as I see these memories,
whilst I scratch a few fleas.
I think how lucky I am,
though other dogs are not.
I think of the good home I have,
tat other dogs do not.
As I think of this, I know…
I am Lucky.