Amazing Kids! Magazine

Lunch at Elementary School

By Albert Zhang, age 17, Georgia


The lunch line, swirling
Full of anxious adolescents
Waiting to feed in a frenzy
Of hotdogs and burgers

Like a rambunctious dragon
Upon discovery of its prey
A lone rabbit, helpless

Like me, sitting at the end
Of the long, plastic table
My black lunch box on it
Containing baozi and noodles
Wearing a red tee from
The Chinese New Year’s Festival
Trying to hide from my predators

Light blue trays
The surplus of ketchup on their hotdogs and burgers
Neat hair
Bright polos
Mark them as a different species

I try to camouflage myself
Inching closer to the group
Pretending that I belong
In order to avoid detection
But the baozi gives me off

Once I take a bite of it
Its luscious contents and savory flavor
Creamier and less sweet than ketchup
Waft out from the meatball inside
Into the noses of the predators

All eyes turn to me
Like a tiger stares its prey
Before it pounces
Catching me mid-bite into my second baozi

Suddenly, I’m
All alone, helpless
About to be devoured