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Lunchbox Worthy

By Laila Voss, age 12

Dear Mom,


I love your lunch box notes,

I love them very much.


But could you turn it down a bit,

perhaps an awful bunch?


I think they’re quite embarrassing,

and all my friends do too.


When you asked how I was feeling after the night,

I upchucked my beef stew.


Especially when your reminded me,

to use my special lice shampoo.


Remember when you mentioned the F

I got on my book review?


I know you’ll find this a trifle odd,

as you always seem to do.


But please don’t yell at me,

or send me to my room.


Now I must place this note,

with the stealthiest of stealth.


And I hope this reaches your lunch box,

in the bestest of health.

One comment

  1. Kathleen /

    Wow, Laila! Congratulations on your poem! It is wonderful, and one of my very most favorites!

    Ur Friend Dumpling