Amazing Kids! Magazine

Magical Christmas Glitter

By Morgan Parr, age 9, Wisconsin


I was six years old and said a small prayer to God
For my grandma to live another year;
I wanted something so special for Christmas
That would bring her much-needed holiday cheer.


Without Santa granting my wish this year,
Christmas will be a complete bust,
For my only wish for Christmas is Christmas glitter—or what I like to call “magic dust”!

I really wanted to make a Christmas picture for Santa, but there was no glitter to be found.
I tried using things from my house to make a pretty background.

I used some sequins from my sparkly, silver dress;
Unfortunately, that did not work out, and I made a really big mess!


My mother was so surprised when I even tried using some kitty litter.
What I really, really longed for that Christmas was that magical Christmas glitter!


I went to the Christmas tree and took off all the tinsel,
Cut it up into pieces and worked on my picture with my babysitter.
Would Santa understand how hard I have been
Trying to make some homemade glitter?


I couldn’t even sleep because I was so excited for today.
It was December 25th—Christmas Day!
Would Santa answer my letter, and would my wish come true?

We opened every last present, and the last one was addressed to me.
I held it tight, leaned over to open the gift, and bent down on one knee.
I carefully opened the package to see what was inside.
Instead, there was a note from Santa that told me to look outside.

Santa’s note said, “There is glitter all around you in nature, family,
And using your talents is the greatest gift of all beyond measure!”
Mr. Claus signed the note in glitter, and he left me with magical Christmas treasure!

I made Grandma the most beautiful holiday card in glitter, and she loved it
As she was filled with such Christmas cheer.
Then I whispered to God, “Thank you! Happy New Year!”