Amazing Kids! Magazine

Moon in the Morning Sky

By Angela Luo, Age 16, California


Why is there a moon
Sitting in the morning sky?

Is he filling in for the sun,
Who is yet to peek over the horizon?

Maybe he does not want to say good-bye yet,
For good-bye means going away.

Maybe he likes to be surrounded by white cotton swirls
Instead of twinkling lights and flaming stars.

Or maybe he is trying to catch the sun;
He’s just too far away.

Why does the moon wait for the morning sun,
Only to shrink away at the first touch of daylight?

Perhaps the moon is jealous
And wants to be the star of the sky.

Perhaps he wants one last lingering glance
Of his villagers arising in the dusk.

Or perhaps he wants to see the sun
One last time before he must disappear,

Only to reappear at night—
Oh, no! He missed the sun again.

But, oh, they say, he is not a moon,
But a reflection of the sun,;

He is friend in black sky, bystander in blue,
Yet always a shining pearl.

Yes, they say, he is the sun’s shadow—
A reminder that the sun shall never die.