Amazing Kids! Magazine

Morning Catch

By Victoria Krylova, Nonfiction Editor


The morning sun peeks out,
Rolling, rolling gently down the hills,
Spraying its blood,
Skipping, skipping across the valleys.

Swaying, swaying,
I wiggle my fins
In perfect rhythm,
Sputtering, coughing – roaring to a promised life.
Chugging down water,
I burst finally out of my dark cell,
Swallowing the sun, sniffing algae,
Squinting at the first rays of light.

Caught in the wind, riding the waves, I dance,
Wriggling, wriggling through the water,
Tiptoeing, tiptoeing behind the ripples,
Sailing, sailing upon the churning currents.
I poke my nose in the crevices of rocks,
Finning my reflection,
Admiring my silvery scales.

Seaweed sticks to my nostrils,
Irritating my beady eyes.
I splash, I splash through the foam,
Scavenging for the remains of food.

A heron takes off; a raven cries;
The clouds leap to life;
Thunder moans
The howl of alarm.

Black shadow
Tied up in a net,
I wrangle,
Eying the human figures on board
As I mourn over my life,
Short yet joyful,
The clearness of the lake,
The vastness of the world,
The glory of a fish’s existence
Coming to an abrupt death.